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A four-speed manual with a floor-mounted lever was also available, as were two- or three-speed "Toyoglide" automatic transmissions, with the three-speed available with a floor-mounted тюнинг toyota corona st190. The Corona was redesigned in Augustwith the low-mounted wraparound turn signals removed and a new grille.

тюнинг toyota corona st190

Another, milder yet restyle appeared in Augustincluding new grilles and hubcaps. The Hardtop gained a two-litre engine at this time. Four-cylinder engine choices тюнинг toyota corona st190 pushrod 1. Vans wagons were sold with 1. A performance oriented in-house competitor called the Toyota Carinaclose in size to the Corona and based on the Toyota Celica platform, was introduced in It was тюнинг toyota corona st190 at a different dealership sales channel called Toyota Store.

This generation of Corona was available at dealerships called Toyopet Store.

Результатов: 142

The Corona pick-up was no longer manufactured due to the introduction of the Hilux in Along with the August facelift, the Corona received тюнинг toyota corona st190 2. The 7R-engined RT82 was short-lived in Japan, only being available between February and Septemberbut in other markets it may have remained available until the introduction of the next Corona.

тюнинг toyota corona st190

The R was larger than the old engine, at 2. Big-car features inside, too: New luxury fabric interiors.

тюнинг toyota corona st190

Reclining front bucket seats. New seatback latches that let you walk right into the Z door models.

TOYOTA CORONA Specification — features, specs and pics

Wide road visibility through big tinted glass windows, and deep-dish carrying capacity in the trunk. The Deluxe added vinyl bucket seats two-door тюнинг toyota corona st190 upgraded fabric four-door. The two-door SR-5 hardtop added those features, plus FM stereo, five-speed manual transmission instead of the automaticfull console, styled steel wheels, tachometer, vinyl seats, and wide radials with blackwalls.

тюнинг toyota corona st190

The four-door wagon only sold as Deluxe came with a carpeted cargo area, fold-down rear seat, and vinyl covered seats. There were three transmissions available gear ratios are reported in our 20R engine page тюнинг toyota corona st190, a three-speed automatic, and four- and five-speed manuals the latter standard on SR-5, otherwise optional.

The Electro Sensor Panel standard on hardtops monitored 11 operating areas every second, flashing тюнинг toyota corona st190 early warning when needed that is, light burn-out; front brake pad wear; and oil, antifreeze, brake, wiper, and battery fluid level. Safety features included side door guard beams, forward gas tank placement, shock-absorbing bumpers, padded instrument panel, a collapsible steering column, oversized tail-light, and front disc brakes.