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Opel Opel monza 1982 coupe rear — Vauxhall Royale coupe The internals consisted of parts mainly borrowed from the Rekord E1 and later the E2, which meant cloth seats, and lots and lots of plastic on the dashboard and inner doors.

Opel Monza 1982 года

Even the rev opel monza 1982 and the tachometer was taken directly from the Rekord E models, so that when you sat in one, opel monza 1982 feeling was not that you drove a Monza, but more that you where driving a Rekord. The engine range for the Monza A1 was the 3.

The 3-speed Borg Warner automatic transmission from the Commodore range needed to be modified to cope with the new and improved power outputs.

opel monza 1982

The Monza, however, sharing the same layout as the Senator A1, had very good driving abilities. It handled quite well, thanks to the newly developed MacPherson strut system for the front of the car, as used on the Rekord E1 and E2, and the new previously Opel had always used a non-independent rear axle on the Rekord E1 and E2, Manta, Ascona etc.

The engine range, however non-economical, was also very good, and few problems opel monza 1982 the extremely reliable engines, even opel monza 1982, some 30 years later.

opel monza 1982

The 6-cylinder engines were all of the CIH type camshaft in head and were in reality a 2. Many parts on the engine, such as the water pump and drive train, are in opel monza 1982 the same parts as used on the 4-cylinder version. This meant that this was opel monza 1982 engine not only tested for many years in the Commodore, Admiral and Diplomat range, but also very reliable.

Although the first generation of 3. Monza этого поколения продавалась только как Opel. Внешние изменения при рестайлинге включали установку более крупных фар изменённой формы и матовую чёрную отделку вместо хромировки. opel monza 1982

opel monza 1982

Салон также был немного видоизменён. Стали доступны четырёхцилиндровые двигатели модели Rekord объёмом 2,0 и 2,2 литра.


Шестицилиндровый двигатель объёмом 2,5 литра, 2. Opel monza 1982 августе года был начат выпуск Opel GSE — одного из самых высоких опелей. Монза GSE выпускалась только с 3,0-литровым шестицилиндровым двигателем с мощностью л.

opel monza 1982

Качество отделки значительно отличается от уровня отделки в Opel Senator. Многие функции, такие opel monza 1982 наличие бортового компьютера были стандартными. Любопытно, что GSE-версия была во многом спортивной, связанной с Recaro.

opel monza 1982

Автомобиль был оснащен спортивной подвеской и дополнительной отделкой пластиком черного цвета.