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  1. Honda CB 900 F Hornet (919): review, history, specs
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Once moving, the is even more agile than you would expect.

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It feels as if it is 50 to pounds lighter than the other Japanese standards mentioned. Indeed, initially, I felt as if the changed directions too quickly, and would be unstable at high speeds.

Honda CB 900 F Hornet (919): review, history, specs

I picked the bike up from Honda at the same time I dropped off the Interceptor test bike. It pulled very strongly, but very smoothly. I immediately sensed the fuel injection was carefully dialed, and that the motor was almost "electric" — strong, but no "hit" anywhere.

The wide bars and the relatively aggressive steering geometry made the bike seem almost nervous by comparison with характеристики honda hornet 900 Interceptor.

Результатов: 28,594

Just a couple of miles later, however, I was cruising on the freeway at a pretty good pace, and the bike was rock solid. My concerns about nervous handling at higher speeds were completely unfounded. While on the freeway, it was fun to play with the throttle. The torquey engine pull in top gear provided satisfying acceleration характеристики honda hornet 900 passing power.

At lower speeds, in lower gears, the acceleration is very strong in the mid-range. Only the Характеристики honda hornet 900 feels significantly stronger in the mid-range, and the big Kawasaki is carrying an additional 70 pounds, or so.

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Later, through the twisty stuff, the really started to shine. The bike definitely changes directions quickly характеристики honda hornet 900 decisively, but holds its line well through sweeping corners. Feedback from the front tire was quite good for this category, and I found myself thinking about a Moto Guzzi V11 Sport I rode years ago with a somewhat similar steel backbone frame design.

That bike provided excellent feedback from the road, as well.

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Характеристики honda hornet 900 other Japanese standards have steel frames, as well, but the Honda seems to combine significantly lighter weight with significantly stiffer construction.

A stiffer frame can actually make a bike feel lighter, because its direction changes can be quicker and more decisive.

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We discussed this concept to some extent in the review of the Honda Interceptor. All of the Japanese naked bikes have twin discs and multi-piston calipers up front, and the Honda binders are not necessarily the best in the class both the FZ1 and the ZRX have outstanding front brakesbut they are характеристики honda hornet 900 very good and stopping distances will reflect the lighter weight of the machine.

The performance of the rear brake did характеристики honda hornet 900 really stand out one way or the other.

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My riding style involves application of very light pedal pressure on the rear brake when riding aggressively into turns or coming to a stop, relying primarily on the front brake lever.

The rear brake performs just fine under these circumstances. Honda transmissions are not always the silkiest, but they tend to shift positively. The shares these traits. No missed shifts in several hundred miles of riding. Gear spacing is good, with strong acceleration available through the gears — no overly large gaps. Suspension is non-adjustable, except for spring preload in the rear. The fork характеристики honda hornet 900 dialed in pretty well, however, and Honda has frequently struck a good balance with non-adjustable forks the Interceptor comes характеристики honda hornet 900 mind.

The shock, on the other hand, is only adequate. The rear wheel tends to stay in contact with the ground, but sharp bumps can cause some rear wheel hop probably related to rebound damping, more than compression.

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Nevertheless, for most riders, the stock suspension is fine. Riders looking to push the bike hard might consider a replacement shock. The ergomonics are excellent. Dry Weight kg Model Details The recent upsurge in the retro naked bikes market has certainly contributed характеристики honda hornet 900 the success of the Honda Hornet But it has to be said, success in the main part is largely due to the quality of the bike at the характеристики honda hornet 900 price характеристики honda hornet 900 the cult following.

Surely Honda could build one for general release? After all, Suzuki had their version of the Bandit. Soon rumours that the Honda Blackbird was going to appear in a naked form circulated and that it would be called the Hornet This was scuppered when Honda released the bike soon after as the X Honda had to keep up and immediately answered our prayers by building the Hornet based on the proven Fireblade engine. The nail on the proverbial head. For the most of early we were graced with artists impressions and computer photo fits.

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The cat was характеристики honda hornet 900 of the bag. The Hornet debuted at the NEC bike show and was on sale in the shops by the end of The good характеристики honda hornet 900 for our friends across the water in the US of A was that they would finally get their paws on a Hornet having been deprived of the The Hornet was also released in the States inbut under the name Honda Same bike, different name.

With the bike on both sides of the Atlantic the Hornet scene can only get bigger.